Adepticon 2012: WAB Doubles

Warhammer Ancient Battles – Doubles competition with 6 teams and 12 players.  The team event drew in a number of newer WAB players, with only 5 players returning from Saturday’s singles event.  As with the Singles, the missions used a battle point system based on multiple goals for each round.

Event package download

# Team Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Total Award
1 Grumpy Old Coots Mike Butcher Shawn Welte 47 Best General
2 Circle City Gamers Christopher Watson Matt Beaty 36
3 Mercenaries Tony Strahota Abe Warpinski 34 Best Sportsmanship
4 The Real McNeil John McNeil Jay L 22
5 Just Roman Mike Mansfield Ariel Thompson 11
6 Team Normantium Jeff Pfaffmann Matt Beauchamp 2 Best Appearance



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