Adepticon 2012: WAB Singles

Warhammer Ancient Battles – singles competition with 14 players.  Tournament proceeded smoothly with good sportsmanship demonstrated by all.   Appearance was at a high level with a number of well painted armies.  This year’s missions used a battle point system, replacing a simple win/lose with multiple objectives worth a variety of points.

Event package download

# First Name Last Name Total Award
1 Bennett Blalock-Doane 42 Best General
2 Mike Butcher 42
3 Kevin Bruins 30
4 Aaron Loomis 29 Best Appearance
5 Matthew Jayjack 28
6 Abe Warpinski 27
7 Mike Gerold 26 Best Sportsmanship
8 Edward Lowinger 23
9 Alexander Akers 23
10 Tony Strahota 20
11 Aaron Schmidt 18
12 Shawn Welte 10
13 Merle Delinger 4
14 Jay Luehring 0


  1. #1 by PsychosisPC on April 28, 2012 - 7:54 am

    Yea, I think the battle points system worked very well. Great tournament. Loved the scenarios and objectives. Good pics too.

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