Adepticon 2011: Dark Age Campaign

The 2011 Adepticon online Warhammer Ancient Battles campaign began 6-1-2010. This year the period is Dark Ages and the theme is Kingdom building. Try and carve out your piece of Europe – take what you need and keep those thieves away from you.

With each victory, you score campaign points for your kingdom. At the same time, each victory includes a successful raid against an other kingdom – costing that kingdom campaign points.

Accumulate the most campaign points an be crowned king of the Dark Ages at Adepticon 2011.

For full rules or to register visit:

For more information about Adepticon visit:

The Adepticon WAB campaign is my annual attempt to build a web site.  Last year was a mostly white site with a rather odd CSS build to maintain columns.  For 2011 I wanted something completely different & went with a red background and used a basic CSS float system to manage layout.  I also played with a variety of new CSS3 tricks – rounded corners and a background color fade.  To view the site as designed – FireFox works best, Chrome will get you by, and IE is down right terrible.

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