The Rise of Rome

The “lost” WAB book The Rise of Rome by Allen Curtis is now being published in serial format by Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine.  The first installment in issue #52 Feb 2010, provides background and army lists (WAB and Crusader) for Etruscans and Latins (including Rome itself).  The lists are founded in the era of Lars Porsenna (500BC) but also contain options for Samnite era (300BC) armies.  The article is well stocked with photos from Gorgon Studios and Aventine Miniatures.  I was able to purchase my copy in the US through On Military Matters.

The historical record on the Etruscan military is a bit thin – leaving the author little to work with  other than a few guesses and a good imagination.  Unfortunately, this leaves the Etruscan list limited in it choices.   The main body of the army is the Greek style hoplite phalanx with a supporting cast of Priests, Axemen, skirmishers, low quality cavalry and chariots.  The leadership of the army is rather poor, although inexpensive characters are available to compensate for this.  Finally, the list uses a version of Oracles called Divination to round out the options.  The Latin list is rather similar- having stronger characters, a light infantry option, better over all leadership and chariots only as a character option.

I have been able to play 1 game with the new Etruscan list… and it did live up to its historical legacy by turning in a solid defeat.

The series is scheduled to include history on the early Carthaginian forces and lists for a variety of other Italian armies.


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