Adepticon 2010: After Action

I may be biased, but Adepticon 2010 was a surprising success. Adepticon has always been a tournament players convention. We’ve worked for years to introduce a more casual speed to the gaming frenzy, after all – not everyone wants to play 11 high stress tournament games in less then 72 hours. This year, Adepticon literally took over the hotel. Tables spilled out of the halls and into the walk ways. Many people took advantage of the additional tables for pick up games, or sit down games with their friends. I want to say I saw Infinity, Fire Storm Armada and the Rogue Traders RPG being played (if you’re out there – send me an email and we can get you on the schedule for 2011).

In the open gaming hall, the demo games were well attended. Photos below are from the WAB demos I ran, the Old West battle game and the Vox Populi demo game.

Adepticon marks the end of my “gaming year”. All of the big hobby projects are wrapped up and presented. My big effort this past year was the creation of a WAB demo army – 200 figures for Rome and Carthage. Next year’s schedule is already filling up.

  • Finish another 1000 points of Romans.  This will give me a full 2K WAB army.  I expect that most of the projects will be various Italian units used as allies.
  • Paint 100 (more or less) Hopilites for a WAB big game next year.
  • Build 1 Necromunda table.  I have an old Hirst Arts Skematic dungeon that I want to re-build and remake.  A Necro table would be a perfect project for the conversion.
  • Create a resin building kit.  Not sure what period yet – Rome, Old West and Pirate are all possibilities.

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