Etruscan 2nd Class spearmen

Etruscan spearmen from Gorgon.  The figure line is set for 500 BC, but these figures will be incorporated into my Republic Roman army as Auxiliaries for the Punic wars.

Painting Notes:

Skin tone – tried for dark Mediterranean look using GW Graveyard Earth as the base, then working up with standard  Sand Brown and Ivory (both Vallejo).

Shields – based with Vallejo Cam. Medium Brown, wet blended with GW Kommando Khaki and Ivory.

Armor – GW Shining Gold.  Not the new fangled yellow gold, but the old hex bottle green gold.  Waited 10 years to find a use for this color – finally found what the color belongs on.

Bases – Americana Desert Sand rims.  Sand inked GW Brown, then given a mix of Graveyard Earth and Folk Art English Mustard.

Gorgon Etruscan 2nd class Gorgon Etruscan 2nd Class Gorgon Etruscan 2nd Class

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