Chaos Cavalry

Two Chaos Cavalry units, seldom played but still taking up space in the army collection.

The Marauder Horsemen are the best sort of figures – free.  Many years back, a local game store was given this unit by the local GW rep as a pre-release display piece.  In exchange for painting the unit, I received the models after short stay in the display case.

Chaos Marauder Horsemen

Chaos Marauder Horsemen

The Khorne Knights are plastic/metal hybrids from early 2000. Does not matter how many pins are used – the limbs spend more time off of the model than on. Last time I check the rule book, the small 4 man unit with the mark of Khorne packed a might punch. I’m sure with all the changes GW as made to the Chaos roster they now qualify to work as water boys.

Khorne Knights

Khorne Knights


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