Baegor: Adepticon Masterclass

Baegor the One Horned painted for the Adepticon Masterclass auction.

The figure is cleanly sculpted and cast with an attached rocky base.  Detail on the model is crisp and easy to identify for painting.  Cast in two pieces, the left wing is separate and requires assembly. 

Assembling the wing joint was a bit of a chore.  The figure comes with a small peg and hole as an attachment point.  Not trusting the peg to hold the metal pieces together, I used (an over-sized) pin vise bit to drill a pin hole.  The bit was much to large for the wing & ripped through the outer skin of the model.  (Ever pin a Daemonette or anything by Rackham?  It was sort of like that.)  Plan B was to fill the hole with super glue and stuffed a ball of green stuff into the void.  GS does a marvelous job of taking super glue and bonding metal parts together over large gaps. 

Paint plan is white primer with GW brown ink base coat.  Body is GW Dark Flesh blended to highlight with Vallejo Flat Red.  Wings are GW bleachbone with GW brown ink wash.  Details in light grey and bleachbone.  Metals in bright silver and gold with brown ink wash.

demon front

demon back

  1. #1 by RonSaikowski on April 4, 2008 - 5:13 am

    I have to be honest, I like the model and I like the color scheme but I don’t like the “washed” effect on the wings. It doesn’t bring out the true texture of the wings… it almost hides it. I understand the process but I like a cleaner look. I don’t usually wash my models but I have done it once for a model I did for someone else. It was a blue model that I washed with a purple for shading. I added white glue to the mix to make sure the wash fell into the recesses and did’t blot anywhere else. I still went behind and cleaned up the blue area afterwards though. Maybe that’s it, I would like to see the model cleaned up a little with the original wing color and then maybe a small higlight added on top of that. Just my two cents. I will say that the same effect on the rock base though does look good as is convincing and I do like the high contrast highlight on the hair, it’s contrast is a nice addition to the model overall.

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