Hirst Arts site update

Hirst Arts has updated their site with a host of new molds & new Tips and Tricks. The new molds support building dungeons for a pair of old, dungeon crawl, board games.  Plus there are instructions for making Gelatenous Cubes – and who would not like that.

PS – this is a test post direct from Google Docs.  

PPS – had a bit of trouble getting the post to publish, needed to fiddle with the post time.  I may start using Google Docs a bit more, just need to experiment to see how well Docs can post pics.

  1. #1 by m1ke on January 11, 2008 - 9:22 am

    My gaming group at work loves WizWar, so the Hirst approach was very cool to admire- beautiful stuff. And the gelatinous cube idea is indeed sweet. I think we’re going to go with buiding a set of Lego boards for WizWar, though- they fit the wacky aesthetic our group loves about the game.

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