Objective Markers: Beacon & Generator

For the Adepticon Team Tournament, I was tasked with creating three objective (40mm) markers of alien origin.  This stipulation makes for a bit of a creative challenge – most equipment of human origin is a square with buttons or rivets.  The GW universe has a variety of alien looks – but if I “borrow” from any given race the marker is no longer alien, it will be recognized as “Eldar” or “Necron”.  After a bit of playing around, I fell into a three lobed foundation.

The Beacon uses three antenna to project a pulse or beam.  This piece may also work as some sort of disruption field.  


The Generator is a micro particle imploder – three chambers drive to a central collection hub.


The final marker remains a WIP – a weapon.   The molding process requires a flat object, eliminating any sort of upright gun or barrel.  I thought about a psychic crown – but a man sized crown could be difficult to communicate in 28mm scale and a head piece is not clearly a weapon. I’m considering three blades on a raised pedestal – but standard straight sword/knife blades don’t match the tri-lobe theme.   Maybe a set of curved, falchion like blades.  Or an exotic blade (think bat’leth) in a lobe style.  


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