Display Board 2

The new display board was done in time for my 40K tournament.  While there I found 18×18 a bit small for a 100 figure IG force – all of the figures fit on the board, little space is left for dramatic staging.

 display finished

The painting scheme is fairly standard.  Medium brown base for the entire board, with a bit of red spray paint on the fore ground.  The bunker & tank trap sections were over coated in medium grey, then the whole board was given a brown/black wash.  When I started to dry-brush the bunker, I ran into a bit of trouble.  The wash gave the bunker a deeply brown color that the dry brush mearly sat on top of.   The solution was to apply more grey paint with a sponge – large amounts of paint could be applied quickly and deeply, then feathered & blended at the edges.  I’ll need to try this technique again (this time on purpose). 

As an added bonus, I found pics of an old display base that were hidden away on my C drive.

display HA  display HA2

  1. #1 by John on October 25, 2007 - 11:55 am

    Rich, do you want to sell that old display base? I can think a multitude
    of uses I could use it for its a great piece of terrain. let me know.

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