Alien Drinking Hole

A Tyranid drinking hole – even the horde needs to stop to refresh and refuel.

hole 3

My first large scale sculpting effort, created for the Terra Genesis Drinking Spot competition.  The drinking hole is based on a CD & is sculpted primarily from Apoxie Sculpt with smaller details in ProCreate.  The goal is to create a sucking orifice with four upright tusks.  The form begins with a one inch layer of Apoxie that is worked with a dental pick to create the woody exterior.  The rim then has small mouths & tentacles added to break up the consistent pattern.  The interior of the hole is a thin layer of Apoxie with impressions mass-produced using a stamp.  Exterior detail on the four tusk bases is added as horizontal bands with small sucker holes made with a piece of aluminum tubing.

The tusks are a curved horn of Apoxie over a wire armature.  I was forced to use a bit of ProCreate to detail the curve – the Apoxie would not hold the small amounts of detail that the smaller surface required.  The last remaining step is to create a plug that will slot into the tusk base.  The finished tusk will then be cast in a mold to create the set of four pieces.

 hole 1  hole 2 stamp hole 4  tusk

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