Enemy of my Enemy

The 40K tournament that asks:  does it matter who’s fighting next to you?

Date: Oct 13, 2007
Location: Salem Town Hall, WI
# of players: 50

Hosted by the Kenosha Gaming club

Bill Evans, judge and organizer, has jammed all sorts of ticks into this event.

First, armies must include a unit from a different army list – hence the Enemy of my Enemy title.  Second, the scoring and prize categories are both plentiful and varied.  I have my eye on the Fluffmeister Champion award that incorporates Army Appearance, Display Base, Army List and a few other things.  As this event will be my annual opportunity to play a game of 40K, I don’t hold out much hope to rack up many battle points.  Finally, Bill has added a Best Gaming Table award; bring in an entire table worth of gaming terrain!

It’s June, why am I so pumped up about a tournament in October?  Because it’s going to take four months to get everything ready.  I’m back in school for the summer with a professor who believes assigning lots of paper is a good way of teaching the material, which puts me on hobby hiatus until August.  Then its one short month until fall session starts.

To do list for EOME:

  • 1850 IG army:  ready to go.  I’d like to update the tanks, but they can go as is.
  • Enemy:  Carnifex, converted with VC and BS – Stubby will step into fill the roll normally played by Leman Russ tank #2.
  • Display Base:  already roughed out the base in pink foam & started carving rune pieces.  Might change a lot, don’t know if I’m satisfied with the runes yet.
  • Army List:  More than just good old Army Builder is needed for this.  I have a good idea of the army fluff (in fact, it’s been on my About to do list for some time now), now it’s a matter of design.
  • Game Table:  Not sure if I’ll just pull most of a table out of the closet or start from scratch.   The display base project and the game table could quickly become one in the same if I produce molds for most of the work. 
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