Hasty Fortification 2

The Hasty Fortification is complete.  The plaster cast came out of the clay in good shape.  A bit of work with an x-acto cleaned up any visible mold lines and opened up the channel for the armored plates.   A MDF base was added for strength and to protect the corners from handling.  A roll of barbed wire was created by twisting 2 lengths of 19 gage wire around each other, then coiling the wire around a length of wood.  The armored plates are floor tile, with a bit of plastic card and rivets.  Over all, the Hasty Fortification was was hasty project with not more than 2 hours work spread out over three sessions.  Some times its nice to have a project that can be over and done with.

works painted

works painted 2  works unpainted  works unpainted 2

Lessons learned:  back when I made the clay cavity, I should have textured the wrap of clay used to build up the base.  It was a fast and easy way to add height to the piece, but the surface came out very smooth – a nice look for mud but not much else.   The right to left slant of the wooden floor boards is very obvious now – I’ll need to pay a bit more attention next time.

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