Hasty Fortifications

TerraGenesis hosts a series of monthly terrain competitions – this month, the theme is Hasty Fortifications.  Perfect sort of thing to pull out the Clay Molding techniques I’ve been working on.  The goal is to use clay impressions to cast a small reinforced earth fortification, then add on details like armored plates, barbed wire, spent ammo, or anything else that comes up in the process.

earthwork clay

Step 1:  Clay form.  Other than adding more detail to the cavity, the other addition is a lip around the edge.  The extra clay will allow for a deeper pour, and add a sound base to the project.

earthwork plaster 1

 earthwork plaster a

Step 2:  Plaster cast taken from the clay.  The object is about 5×3 inches and no more than 1.5 inches high.

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