Ruin Bases

Ruin bases for 40K.  When playing around with Apoxie sculpt, I found the epoxie both carved well and shattered into a natural rock like look.  The plan is to carve an entire floor of ruins, then cut it into 10 1×1 sections and mount on bases.

ruin slab

Step 1:  roll out a 5×2 sheet of Apoxie Sculpt to a thickness of 1/8 inch.  I used a left over piece of half inch pvc as a rolling pin.  Trim the sheet to the rectangular shape.  The sheet is mounted on a piece of vinyl floor tile – smooth, flat and expendable if the Apoxie needs to be force-ably removed.

 Step 2:  Etch ruins using a scribing tool and an x-acto blade.  A two level technique was used for the ruins – deep cut in the center, light cut around the edges.

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