Blast Wall

Blast Wall terrain piece for use with 40K.  The piece is 6 inches long, and tall enough that only the tip of a model’s head pokes over.  Main body is a triangulare wedge made from plastic card.  I have this habit of just throwing things together rather than measuring out first – the wedge was going to be the body of a fortification works, but turned out to be too tall for a model to see over.  Instead, I used it as is & turned the wall into an exsersise in rivets.

Some time ago, I picked up a 1/16 inch hole punch from JoAnne Fabrics.  Punch a bit of extra plastic card & in no time I had a pile of little round bits to use as rivets.  Apply a dap of super glue with a tooth pick to the model, pick up the rivet with the tip of an xacto blade & pop it on to the model.  Be sure to make a few extra rivets – they tend to fly if the pick up does not go quite right.  Over all, it was a piece of cake to add detail all over the model in no time at all.

blast front

blast wall 2

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