Ruin Stones: part 2

Both parts of the ruins stone are now complete.   Posted below is the second side & (what should be) a better pic of the first side.   The third pic is a bit of putty work done using Apoxie Sculpt on the edges where the two plaster tiles come together.  Apoxie Sculpt is a bulk product (my purchase was 4LBS) with a thicker grain than Green Stuff.  But with a bit of water, the Apoxie turns semi-solid allowing for super smooth applications.  Mike Butcher has done some nice with the product that you can reference at Chaos Butcher.
  ruin 2

ruin 1


  1. #1 by Brian on April 9, 2007 - 8:12 am

    Lookin’ good!

    Are the runic designs based on a specific history/mythology or are they original designs?

  2. #2 by chicagoterrainfactory on April 9, 2007 - 12:24 pm

    The ruins are fictional, roughly based off of the some of the work done for Confrontation.

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