Ruin Stone

At the Games Plus Auction I attended last month, my sole purchase was Cry Havoc #1 & #2.  The artists at Rackam have a way of approaching projects from unusual angles.  In this case, the issues contained articles describing how to work plaster as a sculpting medium.   After a bit of fidgeting, I settled on the Ruin Stone pillars found so frequently in Confrontation scenery.


Step 1:  pour a large slab of plaster to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  An unmarked plastic tray from a set of side cutters served as my mold box, both handy and reusable! 


Step 2:  use a hack saw to cut the plaster block into 2 equal sized pieces.   The pieces are 4 inches long & about 1.25 inches wide.  The plaster is only about 2 days old & in my musty basement that means the plaster is still curing.  Moist plaster is a bit easier to carve (less splintering) but makes a fast mess of a hack saw blade.


Step 3:  tools.  Pen for drawing out the pattern, a scribing tool to start the cut, an x-acto blade for clean cuts and a probing tool from an old dissecting kit to widen out the cuts.


Step 4:  plot out the cuts with a pen.  I tried to follow along with the triangular ruins typical of the Confrontation ruins.  The pattern is something like those found at Antenociti’s Workshop


Step 5:  following about 30 minutes of carving, I have one side of a ruin stone.  In order to distress the smooth face of the plaster, I gently ran a wire brush over the surface to produce wear marks. 

Next steps will be to carve the other face, match the two parts up, clean up the join line between the halves & come up with some sort of base for the project.

Finally, for something completely different:  a cast from an Oreo cookie tray.   Looks like they will make good pump covers for industrial terrain.  Or I may cut the lengths up for detail on a larger terrain piece.


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