25mm Urban bases PT2

Completed set of 10 bases, suitable for use with 40K or other miniature games.  Now that I have 10 bases prepared,  next set will be to set up a mold box & create an RTV mold of the masters. 

10 bases

Material list is basic: 

  • floor tile
  • plastic card and rod
  • plastic card with tile design
  • variable grain sand
  • super glue

Tools are similarly basic:

The scribing tool is the only item that may be hard to find.  I purchased mine at a local ACE Hardware for $6.00.   The tool is used to carve the tile etchings into the floor tile.  One method to remember, if your going to smash the tile into bits – carve the lines in first & then be sure to line up the pieces so all the line run in the same direction.

 close up

 If you are building bases for casting purposes, watch out for over lapping bits.  Laying bits at an angle is a nice effect, but you must seal up the triangular hold between the pieces.  On the left the top piece (where its casting a shadow) forms a significant under cut.  If I don’t get back in there with some more super glue & sand (or some sort of epoxy putty), the mold will get “under” the bit and create a space in the mold that will tear at the rubber with each cast.  The base on the right has an open gap between the tile and the over laying piece of plastic card.  When the RTV gets under and forms a strip of rubber – you’ll have a devil of a time getting this base out of the mold.

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