New market & new tank

WarGamers Market a new gamer run auction site. 

Feed up with rising fees and endless clutter on Ebay, these guys decided to open their own site.  Basic listings are free, with addon charges for upgrades.

Hard to beat those prices for listing.  It’s entirly possible you will see Chicago Terrain Factory castings posted for sale in the near future.  All that remains to be seen, is if the site will pull in enough volume to make ‘free’ worth the effort of listing.

Leman Russ Annihilator for 40K

Forge world has come out with a las-cannon equipt Leman Russ. The trial rules have the tank listed at 145 pts, which gets you a twin link LC in the turret & one more in the hull.  A bit less fire power than a predator, but more armor.  For the same 145 points I can get 1.5 IG squads armed with LC.  Seems like at least an adaquate deal for IG.  Only down side is it eats up heavy slots normally used for templates.I like it, a dedicated tank buster with lots of staying power.  Best part – a simple turret swap turns a normal Russ into an Annihilator and back again.

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